Helping others. It extends beyond our day-to-day mission.

In a world where it can seem like people only think of themselves, there are some individuals and businesses that genuinely act on a desire to serve others. Take us, for example. Our company mission is to provide support and restoration services to homeowners and businesses suffering from disastrous events like fire, flooding, or mold infestation. But, we go beyond providing help that we get paid to provide.

Through our Community Support Program, we put together and provide victim care packages that contain the simple life necessities we all take for granted—until there’s a disaster. Toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, deodorant, bottled water and pet snacks: these are examples of the extra care we extend to those in need.

Out in the community, we actively partner with not-for-profit organizations that provide invaluable services to friends, families, and neighbors who live and work among us. Every member of our staff donates time and energy to one or more of these organizations.

Operation Stand Down of Rhode Island helps veterans secure stable housing and employment, as well as other assistance according to individual needs. As a company and team, members of the PFR staff regularly attend OSDRI meetings, sponsor major events, and volunteer to work those events. Should a veteran experience a disaster, OSDRI knows they can count on our support.

The 100 Club of Rhode Island provides immediate aid in the form of cash and assistance on behalf of fallen police officers or firefighters. They do this within 24 to 48 hours after notification of the need. As a company and team, members of the PFR staff regularly take part in 100 Club fundraising events—both as volunteers working the event and as guests making financial contributions to this important cause.

The American Cancer Society of Rhode Island provides local programs, services and events to help cancer victims manage and recover from the disease. As a company and team, members of the PFR staff dedicate themselves to participating in sponsored walks to raise money that supports the organization and its efforts.